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Preserving Centuries of Style

Delving into the roots of Ottoman clothing culture, curator Mr. Esat Uluumay highlights the rich history embedded in dresses dating back to as much as 200 years. Despite the challenges of transportation and communication, these garments visually transport us to an era nearly 600 years ago, showcasing minimal changes in accessories, fabrics, and sewing techniques.

Adorning Every Detail

Uluumay Museum’s comprehensive collection goes beyond mere clothing, showcasing a vast array of accessories—from headgear to shoes, guns to socks—meticulously arranged based on the distinctive styles of each region Journey of Ottoman Clothing and Accessories. Human history reflects a consistent desire for embellishment and decoration, evident in the varied usage of accessories driven by the instinct to possess valuable items, seek admiration, avert natural disasters, ward off the



Discovering Brusa