Personalized Guided Tour

Customized Guided Tour – Ensar Islamoglu on CCTV

Chinese Television got the best guide for their customized guided tour. It was Ensar’s pleasure to tell them about and make them fall in love with his country.

Chinese television was in Turkey to make a film and introduce Istanbul and Turkey itself to their viewers.

Their idea was to do something special and they needed somebody different for that. They chose the recommended, best private tour guide in Istanbul, Ensar Islamoglu.

It was my pleasure to help the television crew to do that.

Although I mentioned to them that they needed to make at least hundreds of episodes; because of lack of time, we could only make one…

Paradise of history, archaeology and mythology

With more than 30,000 ruins, only about 1000 of which are visible, my country is a paradise of history, archaeology and mythology. What you will see in the film about Turkey below is only a small pa

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When the Second Constitution was promulgated in 1908 at the joint instigation of the Young Turks and the Committee of Union and Progress and Sultan Abdulhamid U was deposed, Zonaro’s entire life and livelihood were threatened and he viewed the development with profound regret. Although he tried to remain politically neutral during this period, like many Palace officials he was shunted aside as an artist and scorned, and in the end was forced to leave the city.

Zonaro left Istanbul and returned to Italy where he spent his remaining years at San Remo. Continuing his work as an artist right up to his death in 1929, he created hundreds more works but he never forgo

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Buyuk ev Ablukada

Rejecting the usual cliches, this group (the name means Big House Under Blockade), which has yet to release an album or give an interview, is famous for its entertaining performances broadcast on the internet. Buyuk Ev Ablukada is at Babylon November 3. during the festival.


Known to Istanbul music buffs through the city’s jazz festivals, Stacey Kent is at Salon November 23 and 24. The singer is known for combining the French chanson tradition with elegant jazz rhythms.


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Camline Wozniacki

World number one and the first name that pops to mind at the mention of women’s tennis. The life story and career of this athlete, now the face of Turkish Airlines’ Business Class, is rife with signs of her becoming a world star in sports.

Caroline, or Caro for short, comes from an athletic family in the full sense of the word. Her Polish-born mother was a professional volleyball player, her father a professional footballer. In fact, it was when her father was transferred to a club in Denmark that the family settled there, where Caroline was later born. She was fascinated by tennis already as a small child.

Playing for hours and never getting bored, she was always insisti

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Marek Kapolka

If, video replaces our thoughts with moving images, then games will replace our thoughts with systems. Whereas non-interactive media provide representations, games provide simulations. As such, the cognitive processes used to understand a game are completely different from those used to understand passive media. Even on a basic level the player is required to learn a complex network of causes and effects in order to successfully navigate any game.

This mode of thinking has the potential to create a framework for scientific curiosity. In science, as in game analysis, the observer asks a series of “why” questions down through layers of complexity in order to understand the systems that drive their subject. With the systemic fluency provided by playing games and a finely developed

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Winter Treatment


Add a teaspoon of chestnut honey to a cup of lukewarm water steeped with fresh ginger, a stick of cinnamon, a cardamom pod and a slice of lemon every morning. During the day have a bowl of homemade yoghurt mixed with a teaspoon each of turmeric, ginger, nettle seeds and grape pips.

When you catch a cold, your metabolism slows because it is fighting a weakened immune system and retains water to protect itself. To prevent this, have an extra half liter of the water and herbal teas you usually drink. Drinking some of this water tepid with a slice of lemon aids the metabolism. If you like, you can add a tablespoon or two of fruit juice or fruit-flavored soda to make it even tastier.

The vitamins A, C and E and the minerals selenium and zinc are the body’s extermination team when it comes to fighting infection.

Citrus fruits, pomegranates, kiwi, red pepper and broccoli area a good source of vitamin C, which destroys enemies that att

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Broad Beans


500 gr broad beans, 50 gr green onions, 1 carrot, 30 gr olive oil, 1 tae spoon sugar, 2 close of garlic, 1 tsp salt, 1 table spoon finely chopped fresh dill, 1 table spoon flour.


Shell the broad beans. Cut the carrot in julienne strips and saute in a pot with the garlic. In a separate bowl mix the flour with the lemon juice and 2 cups of water and pour over the sauteed mixture. Add the shelled broad beans, green onions, salt and sugar and bring to a boil. Cook until tender, then cool. Add the chopped fresh dill and serve.



2 red bell peppers, 4 table spoon yoghurt, 2 cloves of garlic, olive oil.


Roast and skin the peppers. Cut in strips. Crush the garlic and mix well with the yoghurt. Spread the garlic yoghurt over the roasted peppers and drizzle with olive oil.




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Arabian bazaar

A typical Arabian bazaar

Souq Waqif is among the places that represent the city’s cultural and historical aspects.

There are different jewelries, earthenware, silk and spices in this bazaar. In the past, the Bedouin would trade sheep, goat and wool with other materials here. Nowadays, the area is being rearranged aiming for the outlook of a ‘souq’ (bazaar) of the 19th century. Souq Waqif is a typical Arabian bazaar. One can walk along its passages composing of corridors, check out categorized products, spice shops, clothier and gift shops. There are also many restaurants and hookah cafes here. Enjoy drinking tea at the cafes, watch football videos on big screens. Another bazaar that is worth seeing is the Omani Souq, which is located at the Haloul Street. This place is ideal for incense stick and wattle basket shopping. Gold Souq is another bazaar where you can shop for gold and jewelry.

On the trail of Islamic culture

Museum of Islami

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Chilly Winter


Here are a few tips for those who keep thinking ‘ about what to wear in these days when winter started to make clear its arrival and summer clothing is laid aside… Do not give up on summer’s warm shades, because this winter will not be as cold as you think!

Comfort is always number one…

Striped pieces, jean vest and jackets, jump suits, baggy trousers… Mango goes for comfort in designs this year. If you want elegance and comfort at the same time, check out these colorful designs. Leopard pattern and colors like yellow, blue, red, beige and black are up this season. Accessories are artsy as usual; complete your creat

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Drugs and Artwork

How the medicine and the art can be related to each other? The last edition of the magazine “P” which elaborates carefully the topics chosen also carefully, expose the artistic dimension of the medicine joined with the visual examples.

The most ancient documents

The human bones and the surgical instruments found in the illustrations on the walls of the caves and during the diggings show that the practices of medicine are as old as the human history. The reliefs carved in the stones in the old eras, the medical equipment and the illustrated books of the Middle Age have been certainly not created for the sake of art. But these works bring together the medical scientific men and the artists. For example, the most ancient documents

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Historical Egypt


In determining the development of the short story in Egypt, it is necessary to study the inscriptions on papyri and stone monuments, a process which the archaeologists are better fitted to accomplish than the literary historians, for there appears to have been little development in the form, and the earliest do not differ radically from the later stories, such as the two here included.

The few Egyptian tales that have survived may date back as early as the Thirtieth Century B.C. So far as can be determined, they are indigenously Egyptian, having Egyptian names, backgrounds, and customs. They are not only an invaluable commentary on the lives of the men of those times, but also genuinely moving and interesting stories.

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Sorcery and Art

The Periodical P worthy of being collected opens the doors of mysterious worlds to the reader by going into the depths of “Sorcery and Art”.

The Periodical P elaborating meticulously the subjects chosen, deals with the topic of “Sorcery and Art ” in its 29. edition. The Editor-in-Chief Celal Uster giving examples of the “Sorcery and Art” in the whole geographies of the world writes the following about the subject in his article:


(…) The origin of the word ‘sorcery’ which we attribute without even being aware to almost everything deeply affecting us with their beauty and extraordinary aspect in the daily life goes back in fact to the very old eras of the humanity. When the human being faces events related to the nature or humanity which they are unable to deal with take always

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Bulgaria Private Tours – Kazanlak Tour with rose picking for lovely Dutch people

Twelve happy and lovely Dutch people (six couples and twelve friends) left The Netherlands to visit my beautiful and friendly country, Bulgaria. They also joind one of our Bulgaria Private Tours.

We met on Friday, 20.05, the day of their Bulgaria Private Tours, Kazanlak. They travelled from Plovdiv and I was waiting for them in the village of Tarnichane, at the rose distillery. Some rose picking (well, it wasn’t as early as 5 am – Bulgaria Private Toursthe usual time to start the picking up), good and detailed information about the different oleaginous roses, the process of distilling and making rose oil and rose water, etc. Everything was fine but we missed the usual 10:30 coffee break. Back to our vehicle and off to Kazanlak. We had our coffee in the centre

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