A Glimpse into Anatolia’s Hidden Gem


Exploring the Enigmatic Metropolis

Perge boasts not only houses but also a one-of-a-kind Metropolis, unparalleled in Anatolia. A significant challenge remains unresolved: despite falling within the boundaries of a first-degree archaeological site, this area remains privately owned and undisclosed. Urgent action is needed to make this extraordinary site publicly accessible.

Diverse Tombs Tell Tales

Within this archaeological marvel, diverse tombs narrate unique stories. Ranging from podium tombs to those crafted from local stones, marble sourced from Afyon province Clothing and Accessories, engraved rock tombs, and brick-built tombs, a striking feature is the presence of magnificent mausoleums. These two-story structures house well-preserved compartments in the lower level, each containing a tomb. Additional, simpler tombs in the front courtyard of the burial chamber have revealed 18 skeletons in one and four in the other, accompanied by abundant grave offerings.

Insights into Social Status through Tombs

While epitaphs may not provide clues about families’ financial status, the type of tomb construction offers valuable insights. Family lineage becomes discernible, with grandiose mausoleums housing delicate and slender skeletons City Tours Istanbul. Simpler tombs, on the other hand, contain the remains of individuals who likely endured greater physical exertion. The presence of mausoleums or similar structures becomes indicative of financial affluence among families.


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