Cold Winter


Here are a few tips for those who keep thinking ` about what to wear in these days when winter started to make clear its arrival and summer clothing is laid aside… Do not give up on summer`s warm shades, because this winter will not be as cold as you think!

Comfort is always number one…

Striped pieces, jean vest and jackets, jump suits, baggy trousers… Mango goes for comfort in designs this year. If you want elegance and comfort at the same time, check out these colorful designs. Leopard pattern and colors like yellow, blue, red, beige and black are up this season. Accessories are artsy as usual; complete your creat

Ancient Egypt


In determining the development of the short story in Egypt, it is necessary to study the inscriptions on papyri and stone monuments, a process which the archaeologists are better fitted to accomplish than the literary historians, for there appears to have been little development in the form, and the earliest do not differ radically from the later stories, such as the two here included.

The few Egyptian tales that have survived may date back as early as the Thirtieth Century B.C. So far as can be determined, they are indigenously Egyptian, having Egyptian names, backgrounds, and customs. They are not only an invaluable commentary on the lives of the men of those times, but also genuinely moving and interesting stories.

Nile, Stuttgart and New Delhi

Life on the Nile A journey by boat from Luxor to Aswan is one the loveliest tripsy you will ever make. The journey from L uxor to Aswan ona dahabiya, the traditional sailing cruisers that ply the Nile today as they have done for millennia, takes around six days – and will be amongst the … Read more

Agehi (985/1577)

He was born in Vardar of Yenice. His real name is Mansur. Being from the cadi class he was a scholar, a historian and a poet. He died in Istanbul in 985/1577. According to Tahir Bey of Bursa Agehi left a complete divan. Agehi took part in Suleyman the Lawgiver`s last campaign Zigetvar in 974/1566 and wrote a historical record of this event as well. He wrote a commemarotive poem of more than fifteen couplets with conventional mariner`s language and offered it to the Sultan through Piyale Pasha. According to records he was given the Sheref Thelogical School in Istanbul. Since he was in Gelibolu as a teacher in close contact with Piyale Pasha who was a master seaman of those times, it is only natural that he wrote about the sea and knew the conventional terminology of the seaman pretty well.

In our literature we have had the tradition of writing with terminologies of various subjects and occupations. Some of these occ