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Enigmatic Istanbul is an endless story. It’s the story of Istanbul’s many names, the story of settling the city, ‘Opposite the blind’. Although these two stories might be enough for some, for others they are just the beginning. Istanbul is rich in many things. One cannot miss the history Istanbul offers. Then, there is the culture. Turkish cuisine. Definitely, spiritual Istanbul. A day is not enough to see the city but you need a day, even a few hours, to feel addicted to it. Istanbul daily tours

Mevlana, the whirling dervishes and Istanbul private tours Mevlevi

Mevlana is a symbol of love and tolerance. And the dervishes are members of the Mevlevi Order of Sufis. They are the creation of Mevlana. They are the ‘turners’ or ‘dervishes’ who symbolise their religious beliefs by means of their ecstatic dance. This dance is a prayer. It is an attempt for a closer relationship with God. A spiritual journey of the soul.

‘There are many roads which lead to God. I have chosen the one of dance and music.’ guided istanbul tour whirling dervishes (Rumi)

Mevlana Rumi is a gift of love. He had a higher love of God. Famous Sufi teachers began composing love poetry at the time. It was an erotic poetry often seen as a metaphor for the relationship between a human and God. Rumi’s poetry was one of love and joy. Also, Rumi’s way to access God, to become one with God, was through dance and music. He was interested in the practice known as ‘Sema’. This is what dervishes dance in honour of their great teacher.

Sema, the spiritual dance and guided Istanbul tour whirling dervishes

‘Sema’ is not simply a movement of the body. It is, actually, a bodily movement whose aim is to respond to either poetry or music. In this way, the mind gets empty so that it can focus on God. At the same time, ‘Sema’ is a spiritual experience. The combining of the music, the listening and the dance as one. The dance is also a kind of meditation through which dervishes can access the metaphysical world. There is nothing unnatural in the movement of the body. In fact, our very existence depends on that movement – revolving, unconscious revolution. This creates the relationship between the human and the divine istanbul private tours mevlevi.


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