Dolmabahce Palace

A different look at the Ottomans – Guided Istanbul toursThe Palace of Dolmabahce, completed in 1856, is the third largest Ottoman palace in Istanbul. It is also the last one that the Sultans built. Located...

Istanbul Private Tours Mevlevi

Enigmatic Istanbul is an endless story. It’s the story of Istanbul’s many names, the story of settling the city, ‘Opposite the blind’. Although these two stories might be enough for some, for others they...

Galata Tower

Guided Istanbul tour – enjoy the best views of Istanbul!Pivate guided Istanbul tour like to introduce you the dungeon of the past, the tourist attraction of today. A fortress, an observation tower, a fire-control station…...



Bridging East and West

Exploring the Ancient Trade Routes

The Silk Road, originating in China and weaving through Anatolia to finally extend into Europe, has served as a vital connection, uniting diverse cultures and races across Middle Asia to Europe for millennia.

Renovation for Tourism A Silk Road Initiative

Approximately 1100 inns and caravanserais along the Silk Road in Turkey are set to undergo renovation for tourism purposes. The “Silk Road Project,” spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, aims to breathe new life into these historical sites Read More about BORLUK FARM.

Historical Significance of Silk Trade

Silk trade has held immense significance for numerous nations throughout history. The trade of silk and spices from the Far East played a crucial role in international relations, contributing to the rise of the Eastern world. The Silk Road, evolvi

Blue Mosque

A real eye-catcher with the beautifully-arranged cascade of domesCustomized Istanbul tour, Turkey customized sightseeing like to present you the Blue Mosque. It is one of the most prominent historical and cultural landmarks of Istanbul....



Crafting Organic Gruyere in Kars

Gruyere’s Tale An Organic Delight

Gruyere, a specialty of the Caucasian countries, finds its organic roots on the high plateaus of Kars, making it a crucial product for the region. Giiven Yildirimturk, the proprietor of Borluk Farm, shares the story behind their annually produced gruyere, drawing inspiration from Holland and Switzerland.

Exploring Gruyere’s History

Q: Can you shed light on the history of gruyere Read More about HORSES OF KARS?

Giiven Yildirimturk: Gruyere was first crafted in 1936 at Kars Dogulu Farm. Unfortunately, this exquisite cheese is not well-promoted. The fully organic gruyere of Kars stands out as a product exclusive to the high plateaus of the region, cherished worldwide.

Borluk Farm: A Natural Haven

Q: Could you provide information about the farm?

Guven Yildirimturk: Situated naturally, our farm is located 10 km from Kars

Istanbul Fun Tours are great fun

Istanbul Fun Tours are great funIstanbul Fun Tours – To have fun during city tour Istanbul is important. It is also so important to have the tour with guide Ensar. It is not difficult...



Preserving Heritage Homes

Architectural Charm in the City Center

The distinctive feature of Kars’ old houses, located in the city center, is their composition of multiple buildings surrounding a courtyard. Noteworthy structures such as the Government Mansion, utilized in the early years of the Republic, and primary schools still stand today. While some old houses remain in good condition, others await restoration, having hosted events like balls and theater plays since the Republic’s inception Read More about THE SILK ROAD. Preserving these historical buildings is vital for passing on their legacy to future generations.


Kars’ Dual Growth Engine

Cultivating Tourism and Agriculture

Kars’ progress hinges on the synergy between tourism and agriculture. Yusuf I§ik, General Manager of Himalaya Tourism, underscores Kars’ tourism potential, citing its rich

Istanbul Cultural Tours – Istanbul is the heart of Turkey

Istanbul Cultural Tours – Istanbul is the heart of TurkeyIt is not the political capital of Turkey but with the population (approximately 18 million people) living there, it is definitely the commercial; social and...

Istanbul Religion Tours – The capital of religions

Istanbul Religion Tours – The capital of religions…Istanbul is what it is because it has something from each religion – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Lets discover all in Istanbul religion tours. Istanbul is the...



Discovering Brusa