Entrepreneurs in Laleli


Opening Doors to the World

Alper Solakoglu’s Global Journey

Alper Solakoglu, a graduate of Galatasaray Lyceum and a Paris-educated professional, embarked on a unique journey in the world of business. Drawing from his experience in foreign trade operations with Kog Group in North African countries, known as Maghreb, he established his own company. His innovative approach involved procuring denim fabric from Indonesia, manufacturing in Turkey, and exporting the finished products to Europe. Fluent in English, French, and Arabic Laleli from the Ashes, Solakoglu chose Laleli strategically to tap into the Russian markets. He explains, “I decided to open a shop here after the change. I established a shop in Odessa to access the Russian and Middle East markets. Russia’s extensive railway system allows goods sent from here to reach the entire country and Central Asia. With a shop in Moscow, the consumption hub of Russia, I expanded my team of stylists and fashion experts. Laleli serves as the gateway for Turkish textiles and leather to the world.”

Sultanhamam’s Transition to Laleli

Akman Tekstil’s Story

Alparslan Akman, the owner of Akman Tekstil, relocated his shop from Sultanhamam to Laleli following the decline of the luggage trade. According to Akman, even renowned fashion specialists visit Laleli to purchase fabrics. He states, “Laleli learned the art of business and decoration from the people of Sultanhamam. Engaged in exporting to 52 countries Customized Private Turkey Tours, I have been in this sector for 15 years. Fluent in Russian, Serbian, and Macedonian, I faced financial challenges in Sultanhamam due to unpaid checks and bills. However, in Laleli, transactions are cash-based. Although Laleli’s official foreign trade figure is 4 billion dollars, the real strength of this region is evident when multiplied by five. If any issues arise in Laleli, cities like Gaziantep, Bursa, and Denizli will be significantly impacted. Laleli stands as the heart of the Turkish textile industry.”


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