Laleli’s Ascent to a Global Fashion Hub

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Nestled in the heart of Istanbul, boasting a rich history spanning 5000 years, Laleli emerges as a promising candidate for the title of World Fashion Center, according to Ayhan Karahan, President of the Association of the Industrialists and Businessmen of Laleli (LASiAD). Laleli’s geographical advantage, being just minutes away from sea, land, and air transportation, positions it as an accessible gateway. With a short flight duration, business connections spanning 22 countries are easily accessible within one or two hours Entrepreneurs in Laleli.

Unique Transportation Infrastructure

Karahan highlights the unique transportation infrastructure, emphasizing the convenience of reaching historic landmarks like Sultanahmet in just five minutes via the tramway system. This accessibility, unmatched by fashion capitals like Paris,

Laleli from the Ashes


Laleli A Phoenix Resurrected from the Ashes

Unveiling Unbelievable Tales

In the vibrant district of Laleli, where tales of resilience and rebirth unfold, one name stands out—Hakki Celik. Originally an architect by profession, Hakki’s journey took him from France to Algeria, where he engaged in restoring the famed Andalusian and Ottoman District of Kezbah. Amidst his adventures, he married and later returned to Turkey, driven by a desire for his children to embrace their Turkish heritage. Transitioning from official roles, Hakki, guided by his Urfa lineage, ventured into the trade business. Seven years ago, he acquired a flat in Laleli and initially delved into tourism, focusing on connections with Algeria. Subsequently, he expanded his horizons, engaging in foreign trade with Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Fluent in French, English, and Arabic, Hakki Celik became a witness to the evolution of the luggage trade and the remarkable transformations in Laleli.

Opening Doors to the World

Alper Solakoglu’s Global Journey

Alper Solakoglu, a graduate of Galatasaray Lyceum and a Paris-educated professional, embarked on a unique journey in the world of business. Drawing from his experience in foreign trade operations with Kog Group in North African countries, known as Maghreb, he established his own company. His innovative approach involved procuring denim fabric from Indonesia, manufacturing in Turkey, and exporting the finished products to Europe. Fluent in English, French, and Arabic Laleli from the Ashes, Solakoglu chose Laleli strategically to tap into the Russian markets. He explains, “I decided to open a shop here after the change. I established a shop in Odessa to access the Russian and Middle East markets. Russia’s extensive railway system allows goods sent from here to reach the entire country and Central Asia. With a shop in Moscow, the consumption hub of Russi

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