Architectural Marvel of 1153

Constructed in 1153 by the Vizier of Saltuk Sultan Malik Izzeddin Salduk Firuz Akay, Kars Castle stands proudly on a steep rocky hill to the north of Kars. The castle, encompassed by 250-meter-high walls featuring three entrance doors, once housed a church that met its demise in 1386 under Timur’s rule. After restoration during the Ottoman Empire, the castle witnessed a period of Russian reign for 40 years following the Ottoman-Russian war. Offering a panoramic view of modern Kars, the castle is a testament to the city’s rich history.

APOSTLES CHURCH From Worship to Heritage

Bagratli King Abbas’s Legacy

Built to prominence by Bagratli King Abbas between 932 – 937 AD, the Apostles Church played a crucial role in making Kars the capital city Read More about KARS. Initially serving as a church, it underwent transformation into a mosque by Seljuks in 1064. Over the years, it alternated between church and mosque status, with Russian restoration in 1878 and the addition of a large bell tower in 1918. Operating as a museum until 1978, the Apostles Church follows a central cross plan and reflects the diverse cultural heritage of Kars.

SARIKAMIS SKI RESORT Nature’s Winter Playground

Pine-Clad Plateau Adventure

Nestled on a plateau 2200-2900 meters above sea level and adorned with yellow pine trees, Sarikami§ Ski Resort ranks high among Turkey’s premier ski destinations. Located 40 km from Kars airport, the resort boasts two chairlift facilities and pristine “crystal snow” reaching a thickness of 50-100 cm, making it a haven for skiers for an average of four months each year. Offering skiing options, including Alp and North Discipline, ski safaris, and sled trips, Sarikamis is not only a winter paradise but also a summer hotspot, contributing significantly to the region’s tourism Turkey Private Tours.

Where Tradition Meets Progress

City Planning Excellence

Kars captivates with its urban planning, featuring roads crisscrossing the city from east to west and north to south. Viewed from Kars Castle, the city’s organized road layout becomes evident. Anchored in cattle breeding and agriculture, Kars thrives in organic farming, renowned for its gruyere cheese, sheep cheese, and honey. The presence of Kafkas University infuses youthful energy, fostering a modern atmosphere within the city.


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