Preserving Heritage Homes

Architectural Charm in the City Center

The distinctive feature of Kars’ old houses, located in the city center, is their composition of multiple buildings surrounding a courtyard. Noteworthy structures such as the Government Mansion, utilized in the early years of the Republic, and primary schools still stand today. While some old houses remain in good condition, others await restoration, having hosted events like balls and theater plays since the Republic’s inception Read More about THE SILK ROAD. Preserving these historical buildings is vital for passing on their legacy to future generations.


Kars’ Dual Growth Engine

Cultivating Tourism and Agriculture

Kars’ progress hinges on the synergy between tourism and agriculture. Yusuf I§ik, General Manager of Himalaya Tourism, underscores Kars’ tourism potential, citing its rich cultural heritage and the Sarikami§ ski resort, a natural attraction. However, he emphasizes existing infrastructure challenges, particularly the insufficient bed capacity posing a hurdle to regional tourism. Isik stresses the importance of year-round tourism activities in Sarikamis but acknowledges transportation issues Turkey Sightseeing Tours. He anticipates overcoming these challenges, noting increased flight options to Kars from major cities like Istanbul. An effective promotion campaign for the Ani Ruins and other tourist sites is crucial for Kars to rightfully claim its place in the country’s tourism landscape, a goal supported by TURSAB and ongoing collaborative efforts.


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