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Decoding Tombstone Symbols


Insights into Professions and Stories

Exploring Artistic Narratives on Tombstones

Nautical and Military Tributes

Discovering the profession of the deceased is often possible through elements on tombstones. Tombstones for fleet commanders, for instance, frequently take the form of a broken sail mast, symbolizing the loss of a sailor. Some tombstones feature reliefs of artillery cannons and cannonballs, indicating a military background. Even medals are engraved on certain tombstones Read More about KARS CASTLE. An intriguing example is a prince’s tombstone with a rope engraving on the neck portion, suggesting a tragic end by strangulation.

Bridal Veils and Broken Rose Buds Artistic Elegance

Tombstones also showcase artistic details, such as one at the Süleymaniye Mosque, planted in the grave of a girl who died at the age of marriage. A column-like tombstone with an engraved bridal veil resembling a real veil a



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