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Journey of Ottoman Clothing and Accessories


Preserving Cultural Narratives

Clothing and accessories, witnesses to humanity’s evolving journey over centuries, unfold the tales of bygone eras. Serving as a visual narrative of the past, they provide a captivating story for future generations.

Pioneering the First Dress Museum in Turkey

The Uluumay Museum of Clothes and Accessories of the Ottoman People, Turkey’s inaugural dress museum, showcases samples of Turkish culture spanning from Central Asia to Anatolia. The curator, Mr. Esat Uluumay A Glimpse into Anatolia’s Hidden Gem, sheds light on the museum’s inception and purpose.

Inception and Inspiration

Mr. Esat Uluumay, inspired by his extensive travels with the Sword and Shield Folk Dance group, noticed the impact of modernization on local clothing during contests across Turkey. Observing the inadequacy of existing resources in portraying the authenticity of clo

Laleli from the Ashes




Discovering Brusa