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Treasures of Brusa


Mosques, Tombs, and Citadel

Ulu Jami (The Big Mosque)

Ulu Jami, also known as The Big Mosque, stands as a testament to the contributions of three successive sultans—Murad I, Bayazid I, and Muhammad I. The pulpit, crafted by an Egyptian sculptor, rivals that of the Sinope mosque. Although the mosque’s current appearance is modern, its historical significance is undeniable. Admission for a party of up to three people costs 5 piastres (10d.).

Teshil Jami (The Green Mosque)

Built in 1418 by Muhammad I A Glimpse into Ottoman History, The Green Mosque is a prominent ornament in Brusa. Notable for its meticulous design, elegant structure, and exquisite marble-work, the mosque’s gate is a striking feature, adorned with the first chapter of the Koran and intricate floral designs. The elaborate inscription took three years to complete, costing Muhammad I 4000 ducats. The mosque derives its name from



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