German Empire

What brought Turks to Germany was not the German Empire that formed an alliance with the Ottoman Empire and was destroyed together with it in the First World War, but the economic growth experienced in Germany following the Second World War. Living with the Turks has taught the Germans a thing or two about integrating with the world, and that Turkish (and `post-Turkish`) population is going to play a major role in Germany`s future. Remember what Goethe said in his `West-Eastern Divan` a little over two centuries ago: “He who knows himself and others will realize Berlin is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

With its historic structures like the centuries-old Charlottenburg Palace on the one hand, and its modern buildings designed by some of the leading architects of our day on the other, we witness in Berlin an extraordinary juxtaposition of old and new. And the figure of a bear, symbol of the city representing the creative imagi