Bulgaria Private Tours – Kazanlak Tours with rose selecting for beautiful Dutch folks


Twelve happy and lovely Dutch people (six couples and twelve friends) left The Netherlands to visit my beautiful and friendly country, Bulgaria. They also joind one of our Bulgaria Private Tours.

We met on Friday, 20.05, the day of their Bulgaria Private Tours, Kazanlak. They travelled from Plovdiv and I was waiting for them in the village of Tarnichane, at the rose distillery. Some rose picking (well, it wasn`t as early as 5 am – the usual time to start the picking up), good and detailed information about the different oleaginous roses, the process of distilling and making rose oil and rose water, etc. Everything was fine but we missed the usual 10:30 coffee break. Back to our vehicle and off to Kazanlak. We had our coffee in the centre of the town of Kazanlak, in the Valley of Roses and the Valley of Thracian Kings, under the shining sun which was so generous that day (unlike the previous and following days).

Refreshed and inspired by the roses we had in our bags, pockets and hands we carried on with our Bulgaria Private Tours in Kazanlak and we visited one of the symbols of the town – the Lion or the Tzar`s Fountain. I think you, my guests, want to come back to Kazanlak, to Bulgaria and you drank water from the fountain. The guide told you the story of the fountain and the legend that goes with it. `If you like to come back to this lovely place on Earth, Kazanlak, you have to drink water from the fountain`.

Time for lunch. Lunch in a nice, peaceful garden in a very good restaurant.

Bulgaria Private Tours – Rosa Damascena

We already knew pretty a lot about Rosa Damascena but still needed to get more into the world of the most beautiful among women in Kazanlak, Her Majesty the Rose. We visited the Rose Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to the oil-yielding plant.

A little escape from the motto of the tour – the Rose. Kazanlak is also known as the Valley of the Thracian Kings. We visited a unique monument of the Thracian culture included in UNESCO`s List of World Heritage, the Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak.

With the visit to the Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ (better known as the Shipka Memorial Church or Shipka Monastery). Our happy and lovely tour was getting closer to its end. And the end of the tour was marked with a nice and relaxing stop at another distillery. A modern one with amazing park with different roses. Such a peaceful place.

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