Buyuk ev Ablukada


    Rejecting the usual cliches, this group (the name means Big House Under Blockade), which has yet to release an album or give an interview, is famous for its entertaining performances broadcast on the internet. Buyuk Ev Ablukada is at Babylon November 3. during the festival.

    Stacey Kent

    Known to Istanbul music buffs through the city`s jazz festivals, Stacey Kent is at Salon November 23 and 24. The singer is known for combining the French chanson tradition with elegant jazz rhythms.Cartel Iksv`s popular venue, salon, is at the inside festival being held in parallel with the world architecture festival.The Inside Festival Awards will be given at Barcelona November 2 to 4. And there is an entry from Turkey in the festival, which has 143 entries from 29 countries: the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art (IKSV) `s popular performance venue, Salon, which has already made the shortlist in the cultural buildings category. Cem Sorgug of CM Ltd. describes it as follows: “When we were renovating Salon, the performance venue on the entrance level of the IKSV`s 19th century building at Sishane, we wanted above all to give the space a clear identity suitable for performances of all kinds. ” Other entries in the Culture and Civic category include Eva Jiricna Architecture`sCulture Center from the Czech Republic, RUF Project`s Football Training Centre from South Africa, Kerry Hill Architects Pte Ltd. `s Western Australia State Theatre Centre from Australia, and BEHF Architecture`s Zwi Peres Chajes Synagogue from Austria. Judges are Paul Priestman, Marcus Fairs, Linda Morey Smith, Eva Jiricna and Suzy Hoodless.

    The Judgesat Barcelona

    Paul Priestman: An architect specialized in train car and airplane cabin interiors.Marcus Fairs: An expert in sustainable architectural and industrial design who has published books in the field. Linda Morey Smith: An architect and designer known for her hotel and public space projects.Eva Jiricna: An architect with a wide range of interior designs from hotels to exhibition areas. Suzy Hoodless: An English designer of both traditional and contemporary interiors.Life, technology, the economy… At a time when everything is changing so rapidly, quality cannot remain a bystander, and the kalder 10th quality conference too is looking at change.Hosted by the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), and the Turkish Industrialists` and Businessmen`s Association (TUSIAD), the 20th Quality Conference is focusing this year on Making a Difference.The conference, at Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center November 29 and 30, features speakers like Sabanci Holding Board Chairman and Executive Director Guler Sabanci, Eczacibasi Group Board Chairman Bulent Eczacibasi, Kog Holding Board Chairman Mustafa V Kog, Boyner Holding Board Chairman Cem Boyner, and Turkish Airlines` CEO Temel Kotil, Ph. D. The connection between quality and creating a difference will be discussed in depth at this convention, which brings together a number of prominent personalities. Previous conventions have had as their theme Transformation to a Sustainable Society, Innovation Management, Quality of Thought and Global Management.

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