Is Turkish cuisine worth trying?


Istanbul Day Trip, Istanbul tours guide and  Turkish food. Food is an important part in the life of Turkish people. Ottoman cuisine is often regarded as one of the three great cuisines of the world. It’s a rich mixture of the inheritance of a great cuisine culture. Its rich variety is related to many factors – the interaction with many different cultures throughout the history (Greek, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines), the new tastes evolved in the courts of empires such as Selcuk and Ottoman…

Istanbul Day Trip – Locally grown ingredients

Turkish people are lucky to have access to fresh, locally grown ingredients and they can make some of the freshest dishes. This is because Turkey is one of only seven countries in the world that can produce enough food to feed its people.

There are usually three meals a day for Turkish people – breakfast, lunch and dinner (kahvalti, oyle yemek and aksam yemek) istanbul day trip.

Composed of dishes prepared with grain – city tours Istanbul

The cuisine is generally composed of dishes prepared with grain, various vegetables, soups, cold dishes, cooked with olive oil, pastry and herbs (it is generally not spicy, though this varies throughout the seven regions). There are some peculiar, healthy foods like pekmez (grape molasses), yoghurt and bulgur. In fact, wherever you are in Turkey, you are sure to taste great dishes. There is a place not far from the emblematic Ephesus where Turkish cuisine and cosy atmosphere are very well combined. This is the village of Sirince. That is an idea for you where else you can enjoy tasty food. Ephesus sightseeing tours, Sirince and delicious food.

Fish is obligatory for the Turkish people, especially in Istanbul. It’s one of the indispensables. It’s normal – the shores of the Bosphorus are the places where the freshest and the most delicious seasonal fish can be found istanbul day trip.


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