Istanbul Guided Tours – The modern version of Grand Bazaar!

Istanbul Guided Tours, city tours Istanbul and Kanyon. This is a multi-purpose complex in the Levent financial district of Istanbul, Turkey, which consists of a shopping mall, a 30-floor office tower (26 floors of which rise above Buyukdere Avenue level) and a 22-floor residential block.

It unites 179 residential apartments, an office tower and a 160 store retail space (covering an area of 37,500 m²) to undulate around a dramatic architectural “canyon” since its debut on 6 June 2006. There is rentable retail area, 180 residential flats, 160 stores, 9 theatre halls with a capacity of 1,600 spectators and a parking facility for 2,300 vehicles. Each floor of the office tower has a total usable office space of 1,167 m². The complex rises on an area of 29,427 m². Impressive, isn’t it? If Kanyon is the modern version of Grand Bazaar, then the Bazaar is probably another version of the ancient Agora in Ephesus.

Although we don’t visit Kanyon that often in our Istanbul Guided Tours, it still can be an option to see a modern shopping mall in Istanbul tours istanbul.

Best global and local brands and private tour guide Istanbul

Best global and local brands, coolest restaurants are all waiting for you between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. Some restaurants and cafes at Kanyon are also open for early breakfasts and late dinners istanbul guided tours.


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