Lulu`s Triumph part 11


    “Mother, let us define the world.”


    “And who is Mr. People? I do not know him; I am not obliged to be unhappy for the sake of Mr. People.”

    “You are a terrible girl! But how am I to arrange it with Roberto? What am I to say to him?”

    “What you wish. That is what you are my mother for.”

    “Oh, indeed! To remedy the wrongs you have done. There will be a scandal.”

    “I do not think so; you can say it politely, with pretty manners. Indeed, I think you might even speak badly of me—call me capricious, frivolous, childish; say that I would be a very bad wife, that I am not at all serious, that I am lacking in dignity, that my sister is—”

    “Your sister? Are you losing your mind, Lulu?”

    “Pshaw! you could easily say that. At present Roberto and Sofia are indifferent to each other, but if they come to know each other better they might appreciate each other, and then—who can say? You would be praised as a good mother for having married off the elder daughter first.”

    “In fact—”

    I shall not go husbandless; I am barely eighteen years old. And I | to amuse myself; I wish to dance a great deal; I wish to enjoy my happy youth with my dear, kind little mother—”

    `You are a little rogue,” replied the mother, moved, and embracing her daughter.

    Ugly news to Roberto

    Then we understand each other? Announce the ugly news to Roberto politely, but add that we must always be friends, that we hope to see him often. If these two are to fall in love with each other they will do so; it is predestined.”

    “But do you believe, naughty Lulu, that matters will all come right? You know that I hate quarrels.”

    Oh, unconvinced mother! Oh, mother, more unbelieving than bamt i homas. Yes, yes, out of my wide experience I assure you that there will be no scandal. Roberto is a gentleman, and will not expect me to marry him without loving him.”

    “What seems to me impossible is the affair with Sofia—”

    “Nothing is more possible than the impossible,” gravely replied Lulu. My dear, so many axioms! Enough. Let us leave it all to time- perhaps time will regulate our affairs. All of which does not change the fact that you are a scatterbrain.”

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