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Lulu’s Triumph – Matilde Serao (1856-1927)
Matilde Serao was born at Patras, Greece, in 1856, and was the most distinguished of the older generation of modern Italian women writers. She began her literary career as a follower of Zola, and later developed the psychological novel. She wrote chiefly of the life about Naples. Lulu’s Triumph is a short story as well as a study in character, and in spite of its length it conforms rigidly to the qualifications demanded by the strictest critics.

The present version is translated by Elise Lathrop. It is reprinted by permission of the publisher, P. F. Collier & Son.
Lulu’s Triumph
Lulu’s Triumph – Sofia did not raise her eyes from her work, and her slim fingers fairly flew over the delicate lace. But Lulu wandered about the room, moving the ornaments on the shelves or opening a drawer to gaze ftbucntly into it. It was clear that she wished either to do or to say something, but was abashed by her elder sister’s grave manner. She hummed a few bars of a song, recited averse, but Sofia appeared not to hear. Then Lulu, who was not blessed with too much patience, decided to put the question boldly, and, planting herself in front of her sister, she asked:

“Sofia, do you know what Mademoiselle Jeannette told me?”

“Assuredly nothing very interesting.”
Chill even in summer
“Now that is an answer dry and cold enough to give one a chill even in summer! Where do you get your ice, oh, my glacial sister?”

“Lulu, you are a veritable baby!”

“Now, that is just where you mistake, idol of my heart. I am not a baby, for I am going to be married.”


“And that is just what Jeannette told me.”

“What nonsense! I do not understand a word of what you are saying.”

“Very good, I will now tell you all, as they say in plays. It will be a narrative—but will Your Seriousness lend me your whole attention?”

Lulu`s Triumph part 10

Finally, she decided not to let herself be seen. Every evening for a week she shut herself in her room, trembling with impatience, trying to smother her unhappiness.One evening Lulu entered her room. “Will...

Lulu`s Triumph part 11

“Mother, let us define the world.”“People.”“And who is Mr. People? I do not know him; I am not obliged to be unhappy for the sake of Mr. People.”“You are a terrible girl! But how...

Lulu`s Triumph part 12

“And very capricious—”“Lacking in judgment—”And a whimsical creature. I am everything you like; lecture me,I deserve it. Come; have you nothing to say? I am waiting.”``Give me a kiss, and go to bed. Good...

Lulu`s Triumph part 1

Matilde Serao (1856-1927)Matilde Serao was born at Patras, Greece, in 1856, and was the most distinguished of the older generation of modern Italian women writers. She began her literary career as a follower of...

Lulu`s Triumph part 2

“I will stop, I will stop. Well, then, at the races we sat in the front row on the grand stand. Paolo Lovato came and presented a handsome young man to us, Roberto Montefranco....

Lulu`s Triumph part 3

“Have I said anything wrong?”“No, dear, no; you are right. When one loves one marries. It is difficult to awaken love,” and she sighed softly.An irritated manner“Awaken love, awaken love!” repeated Lulu, in an...

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But this afternoon he lay stretched out in an armchair, one leg crossed over the other, a book in his hand, with the fixed determination of reading. The book was interesting; yet, new and...

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We shall take a trip through Italy, but without haste, taking short journeys, enjoying every comfort, stopping where we please, seeing even the most insignificant things. We will thus occupy three months; no, that...

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“What are you doing here, Donna Sofia Santangelo? Are you reading?”“Yes, I was reading.”“And you did not even care to stand on the balcony?”“And if I had?”“Pshaw! I had to stay upstairs, for Albina,...

Lulu`s Triumph part 7

“No; he is going to his club, where there is a directors` meeting. I am going to profit by it and go to the Dellinos` ball, and shall dance until to-morrow morning.”“And when he...



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