Lulu`s Triumph part 12


    “And very capricious—”

    “Lacking in judgment—”

    And a whimsical creature. I am everything you like; lecture me,

    I deserve it. Come; have you nothing to say? I am waiting.”

    “Give me a kiss, and go to bed. Good night, baby.”

    “Thank you, mamma. Good night.”

    “It is better so,” thought the good mother. “Lulu is too young yet. Every day one sees the sad consequences of these marriages of convenience. May Heaven free us from them! It is better so.”

    What diplomacy

    Uff! said Lulu, taking a deep breath. “What diplomacy I was forced to use, what art in order to convince mamma! I would make a perfect ambassador. What a triumph! Not like a triumph of love, to be sure, but it is Lulu`s triumph!”

    She paused outside her sister`s door and listened. She heard every now and then a repressed sigh. Poor Sofia had lost her peace of mind.

    `Sleep, Slofia, sleep,” Lulu murmured softly, kissing the lock of the door almost as though she were kissing her sister`s brow; “calm yourself and rest. I have worked for you this evening.”

    And the generous girl fell asleep, happy and content in the thought of the happiness of the sister she loved.

    Time, good old time, the eternal wise old gentleman, accomplished his task. Lulu asked herself whether this unmarried sister who acted as bridesmaid should wear a gown of blue silk or a simple one of straw- colored foulard with lace. She asked Roberto if there would be a great many bonbons for her, and Sofia if she would give her that pretty embroidered handkerchief that was like a zephyr, a cloud. Roberto and Sofia, knowing what the girl`s heart was capable of, smiled at her gay thoughtlessness, and loved her, and looked upon her as their Provi- “For I have always maintained,” said Roberto Montefranco to a friend, speaking of his marriage, “that a couple should be of opposite tastes.

    Extremes touch. Thus they will understand each other, will mingle, will form a complete whole, while those of similar tastes are like two parallel lines; they walk on together, but never meet. And then when there is love—! I have always said so.”

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