Rila Lakes Bulgaria Tours


Seven Rila lakes Bulgaria tours

Magic and love are everywhere in Bulgaria. Everywhere you look around. Everywhere you go, you see and feel them. The seven Rila lakes Bulgaria tours are no exception. The Rila Mountain is not far from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. A personal Sofia tour can be a good start of a two day tour around Sofia and then The Seven Rila Lakes.

Firstly, the fact that the lakes are in the beautiful Rila Mountain. This is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. In Europe it takes the prestigious sixth place. The nature and beauty of Rila attract thousands of tourists every year.

Thracians, who lived on these lands, gave the mountain the name Dounkas. later, they changed it to Roula, which in its turn was altered to today’s Rila. Dounkas means a place with lots of water. And Roula means water mountain which relates to the water abundance of the mountain. There are 200 lakes in Rila Mountain and lots of mineral springs. The Seven Rila lakes (Rila lakes Bulgaria tours) are some of the most clear and heavenly beautiful lakes in the mountain.

Play truth or legend on Rila lakes Bulgaria tours

Truth or legend for Rila lakes Bulgaria tours? Legend, of course. Every fairytale starts with ‘Once upon a time…’. So, once upon time there was a couple of young giants very much in love with each other. There lived nobody else but them only in Rila Mountain. Their home was very warm, cosy and welcoming, and full of love. All the nature was in harmony with the love the giants had.

As it sometimes happens when there is happiness around, evil is not late. So, the evil forces felt the great times that the married couple was having and envied a lot. they had to do something in order to destroy that love and hapiness forever. Dark clouds veiled the mountain, strong winds tried to blow everything away and devastating earthquakes shook the ground. At first, the husband fought back. He fiercely defended his home and protected his wife. He managed to save every blade of grass, every little flower, the smallest living ctreature. Unfortunately, that only made the evil forces even more vicious. They used all their power and the young male giant was killed.

The evil force left a devastated widow behind. They also left destruction behind.

How did lakes form

The wife’s sorrow and pain for her husband were so big, that she couldn’t stop crying. A great amount of tears gushed out in a never-ending flow. They reached the valleys and formed clear lakes of striking purity.

These lakes are seven and can beseen in Rila lakes Bulgaria tours. Each one of them has its name related to a specific characteristic that the lake has. The highest lake is The Tear. The name comes from the lake’s clear waters. Next one is The Eye (or The Heart). Its shape is almost perfectly oval. The lake to follow is The Kidney. That lake has the steepest shores of all in the group. Before you reach that lake, there is a big rock that resembles the figures of a big man and woman. According to the legend these are the giants who will always be there to protect their beautiful home.

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