Sorcery and Art


    The Periodical worthy of being collected opens the doors of mysterious worlds to the reader by going into the depths of “Sorcery and Art”.

    The Periodical P elaborating meticulously the subjects chosen, deals with the topic of “Sorcery and Art ” in its 29. edition. The Editor-in-Chief Celal Uster giving examples of the “Sorcery and Art” in the whole geographies of the world writes the following about the subject in his article:

    The moment when art and sorcery meet

    (…) The origin of the word `sorcery` which we attribute without even being aware to almost everything deeply affecting us with their beauty and extraordinary aspect in the daily life goes back in fact to the very old eras of the humanity. When the human being faces events related to the nature or humanity which they are unable to deal with take always refuge to the mysterious external forces beyond the material world: he believes that he`s able to affect and to orient the events, persons and objects through the sorcery existing everywhere on the world and every time.

    On the other hand, the art has too many aspects which we are unable to solve through our reason and mind. And maybe, this unreasonable characteristic is the essential of the art. We cannot live without art though we are not always able to explain effectively why we cannot live without it. Sometimes, we cannot pronounce a word before the mastery of an artist going beyond the limits of the reason and we become more and more distant while we try to explain this mastery in a reasonable manner.

    Most of the time, the artist is unable too to tell it in a reasonable way. And maybe this is the very moment when the words art` and sorcery` meet each other. Can ive say that the art is its transformation to the colours, shapes and lines going by the shamans of the beyond the limits of the reason? Maybe the art is some sorcery going from the drawings on the walls of the caves to the African sculptures, from the Cantos of Ezra Pound to the unfinished phrases of Ulysses, from the functional ones to the nonfunctionals! And cannot we say that the artist and the sorcerer are both mystery solvers in different areas?…

    The content

    The Periodical P worthy of being collected describes where the relations between the art and the sorcery take the artists or in which kind of the depths of a mysterious world the sorcerers feed the art and the artist. The subject of “Sorcery and Art” of the Periodical P offers many interesting articles such as “Shirts with Talisman” of the Ottoman period, the drawings in the “Magic Book”. “Stars and Zodiac Signs in the Islam”, the clothes of Shaman, the works of Africa. Byzantine and Western World related to the sorcery.

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